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Avril 2019


AGEFI Luxembourg

Economie / Fiscalité


unique event of its kind, the

FARAD Finance Forum (FFF),

whose 2019 edition was held on

March 19th at the Luxembourg Chamber

of Commerce, has once again been a

resounding success and confirms its posi-

tion as a must-attend event.

Present since 2017 in this new format, and built

on the long experience of FARAD insurance-

focused roundtables started in 2012, the FFF rep-

resents the most innovative training and net-

working event in the GrandDuchy, gathering for

this third edition, more than 300 Luxembourg

financial industry’s professionals. The spotlight

this year was on sustainability and its pivotal role

in driving the future (or the present, as some of

the keynote speakers confirmed) of the asset

management, funds and insurance industries.

“The main theme of #FFF18 was “Feeding the future”

and frommany of the speeches it emerged that, in order

to grow, the future of finance and insurancemust be fed

with the right ingredients. But what are they if not the

most sustainable services and products technology

allows us to offer? The ones that link financial revenue

with controlled gas emissions, social impact on com-

munities, attention to the management of natural

resources or development of innovative environmental-

ly-friendly businesses? This is the reason why we have

conceived this event as a dive into sustainability, linked

to Luxembourg’s core businesses”

explains Marco

Caldana, founder and Chairman of FARAD

Group, the independent B2B services platform

promoter of the event.

The highlights of FFF19

As an opening, the

CSSF Director General

Claude Marx

, reminded participants of the key

CSSF priorities, including, of course, a reference

to Brexit, and stressing the importance of manag-

ing risks linked to sustainabilitywhile presenting

some of the essential solutions requirements

including good skillset but also the need of a

strong political will in this matter.

Concerning the Grand Duchy, guest speaker

Corinne Molitor

, member of the Board of ICFA

Luxembourg (

International Climate Finance


confirmed the commitment of the

government in the elaboration of the


Sustainable Finance roadmap”

. The roadmap is

intended to elaborate recommendations inorder to

lay the groundwork for a comprehensive and far-

reaching sustainable finance strategy while con-

tributing to the Luxembourg 2030 – National

Action Plan on Sustainable Development and

towards the objectives of the Paris Agreement on

Climate change. The view from Luxembourg’s

financial centre, when it comes tomainstream sus-

tainable finance, was presented by




the importance for financial services industries,

government and research institutions to join forces

towork on developing sustainable finance.

11 discussion panels

followed one another as the

day progressed, punctuated by plenary sessions

during which

Claude Wirion, président du

comité de direction, CAA

shared insights on the

new landscape of Luxembourg insurance and


Carlos Montalvo-Rebuelta, PWCMadrid,

laid emphasis on the essential role of the insurance

business in promoting sustainable growth within

the framework of the EU Commission s Action

Plan on Sustainable Finance.

Provoking and stimulatingwas also the interven-

tion of international guest

Paul Clements-Hunt


former Head of UNEP FI

(United Nations

Environment Programme-Finance Initiative) and

rich in content the pitch of the Director of

Sustainable Technologies of


Ministry of Economy Christian Tock,


on the Circular Transition.

An impressive line-upof


in theareas of

sustainable investments, asset management, funds

and insurance allowed the FFF to distinguish itself

once again from other similar events by the diver-

sity of the themes addressed, its European dimen-

sionand thequalityof both its speakers and itspar-


“The #FFF19 is not only awindowon emerg-

ing trends and attitudes, but also an educational envi-

ronment presenting industry best practices inaddressing

common challenges, aswell as knowledge-sharing oppor-


confirmsMarco Caldana.

Apart from the indisputable quality an enthusi-

asm of our speakers coordinated by the compe-

tence of the Chairman, Fabio Morvilli, President

of the CCIL, more than

20 sponsors


to the success of #FFF19.

Atwo-day event dedicated to sustainability

#FFF19 represented the most educational part of

a two-day event focused on sustainability that

started onMarch 18


at Namur, Hammwhere, in

cooperation with Tiime and Unity Foundation,

FARADGroup organized and hosted the


Charity Game Dinner”.

The concept of this innovative charity evening –

to present the activities of social purpose organi-

zations (SPOs) through the voice of companies

who have decided to support their actions - was

in fact not only merely intended to raise funds

but, most importantly, to celebrate corporate cit-

izenship and to promote the responsibility and

social impact of companies by highlighting exist-

ing partnerships with SPOs.

More than450people

gathered among the two events


almost 20.000

were collected and donated to sup-

port social impact causes.”


We warmly thank all the sponsors and the amaz-

ing people whose work, in the last months, has

been essential to reach such an outstanding result.

Do not forget to Save the Date for

#FFF20 onMarch 24 th 2020

with a

second edition of the


a highlight,

onMarch 23 rd


For more information, please visit:

#FFF19 - FARAD Finance Forum 2019

The Green Ocean tsunami conquers the Luxembourg financial industry