Mensuel de septembre 2017 - Public Speaking

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Three misconceptions about slides that are costing you connection with your audience
By Joanna DENTON, Public Speaking Coach *   How much do you really think about the slides you present in your technical talk? According to Mayer’s “multimedia principle”(1), if you want to explain difficult concepts it is far more effective to present them not only in verbal format, but also in a visual way. In other words – give your audience something to look at, not just to listen to.   In the technical fields that we all work in – this will hardly come as a surprise. You might not know the name of the learning theory behind it, but you will certainly know this idea, and as an experienced speaker I am sure that you have already prepared hundreds, if not thousands, of slides in your career to date. Which is awesome. But, now I want you to think about...
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