Mensuel de juillet 2017 - Public Speaking

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7 ways to come across as likeable and competent in the first 3 minutes of your speech
By Joanna DENTON, Public Speaking Coach *   As you stand here in the wings, waiting to step on stage to give your talk, know that from the moment you reach the podium and start to speak, you’ll have a maximum of 3 minutes to convince the audience that you are worth listening to.   Sounds harsh, but let’s face it – its human nature. When we meet someone for the first time, we quickly decide whether we like the person, if they are warm, open. And if we are going to work with them in any capacity, we will also form an impression about whether they are competent at what they do.   Research(1) has shown that the concepts of warmth and competence are universal factors to “measure” others. Social stereotypes can also come into play when meeting...
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