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How to Achieve Ambitious Goals: 10 Golden Lessons from a 70s & 80s Athletic Sprinter
By Luca BRUNI – Initio*   When thinking about sprinters in athletics mind probably goes straight to giants like Usain Bolt (1m95), Justin Gatlin (1m85), Asafa Powell (1m90), Carl Lewis (1h88), etc. Giants on both morphological and sport point of view. The inspiring sprinter I have in mind belongs to a previous time – specifically 70s and 8às – and his name is probably only little known by younger generations: Pietro Mennea.   A slim and not very tall athlete (1m77) coming from the south periphery of Italy (Barletta). At a first glance, but only first glance, it seemed that mother nature was not very generous with him… Actually nothing proved being more wrong than that.   To remain only with his most famous feats: - 1979,...
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