Mensuel de janvier 2018 - Public Speaking

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Three golden rules to create the optimum environment for interactivity in your next workshop
By Joanna DENTON, Public Speaking Coach *   Interactivity in a workshop…. Standing up at the front of the room and knowing that the audience will respond when you ask a question. That they will share experience and work together to take the subject further. That they will be enthusiastic and engaged throughout the training. Interactivity: the holy grail for trainers. So, why is it so blooming difficult to achieve?? I think it boils down to this.   I think that many, many trainers believe just that: that “Interactivity” is the aim in itself when they give a training. I am here to tell you that that belief is flawed.   Your job as a trainer/ facilitator is to create a container that is conducive to learning, because, after all, the aim is...
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